Jester in Jail

The New Album 

Memories Faded & Broken Hearts

Available Now

Jester in Jail is an experience of Lights, Shadows and Dark. The Trio, formed by Thom (Bass, Voice), Matthew (Guitar, Voice), Branco (Drums), is working from early 2018 and has in its bag one EP "The Worst is yet to Come!" (2018) and an 11-tracks LP "Memories Faded & Broken Hearts", released on the 20th of December 2019.

Their creations space from classical Pop-Rock to Indie Rock/Experimental, lead by their biggest influences: The Who, Greenday, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Wallows, Wolf Alice, Radiohead, Foo Fighters e Pink Floyd, to mention the most famous ones.

All three Jesters dedicate themselves to song-writing and, helped by their different musical backgrounds, write songs and albums full of shades and pleasing diversities, where singers' opposing voices intertwine, one warm and deep, the other high and sharp.

They played on many stages as an electric trio, while other times in a readjusted, dynamic and fresh acoustic session.

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